Historical Fiction and (Auto)-Biography

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The "autobiography" of King James IV, the most able monarch of the Stewart dynasty, during whose rei..
King's Memory
The auto-biography of A J Stewart and her fascinating voyage of discovery of the link between her in..
Fernie Brae
A vivid description of Glasgow life, as seen through the untroubled eyes of a child - the street gam..
Where is the Light?
The author has brilliantly depicted, through the medium of a chronicle or novel form, the effect the..
Lamp in the Night Wind
An account of the coming of St Columba to Scotland in 563 AD.  Based upon careful research..
Here is a romantic novel set in Poland of the nineteen thirties when the country regained her freedo..
The Universal Self: A Study of Paul Valéry
Paul Valéry was one of the most brilliant and subtle thinkers of his time.  His work sums up th..