About Us

We are a small family-run Scottish publishing company, with our modern message very firmly rooted in the heritage of our past and reaching far beyond our natural borders.    Indeed, we specialise in both cultural heritage books and publications with a pertinent message to all of us today, not only in Scotland itself, but within the UK and beyond.     Stuart Titles Ltd began in the 1980s when James Gibb Stuart , himself a patriotic Scot, and once a fervent activist in the SNP movement, realised that the key to true independence lay in the control of a nation's wealth, and the creation of its money.   He began promoting this message through Maclellans publishing house, which he eventually took over and renamed Stuart Titles Ltd. This original company had amongst its books some highly original and unique Scottish works, and we have always been keen to keep these precious works of art alive and available for subsequent generations, as well as promoting James's relevant political and monetary reformist messages to an increasingly more educated and interested public, both at home and at large.

We have recently been made aware that James Gibb Stuart's name has been stitched on the Great Tapestry of Scotland (panel number 157, Parliament of the Ancestors, Parliament for the Future).  We are very proud of his achievements and would like to thank the members of the public who put his name forward.