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Here is a romantic novel set in Poland of the nineteen thirties when the country regained her freedom after a century of Partition.  It will appeal to all those who wish to have a greater understanding of this gallant people who through a tragic history have tenaciously preserved a passionate sense of freedom and national identity in the face of more powerful neighbours.

This, the first volume of a trilogy, is essentially a love story.  Jan meets Krysia on the school train to Czestochowa, famed centre of pilgrimage.    We watch the gradual unfolding of affection, aware yet unknowing - the summer kdylls at the Mill-by-the-Pool, the jealousies and reconciliations are skillfully interwoven with impressions of classroom history - the drama of the November Rising of 1830;  the emigration of the "Greats" - Mickiewicz, Chopin, Krasinksi; the death of Pilsudski - interspersed with snatches of everyday Polish words and phrases and descriptions of food and local customs which all combine to make a vivid and colourful introduction to the country and its people.

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