Scottish Identity

“I do not believe that you can exaggerate the importance of the preservation of old ways and customs, and all those little things which bind a man to his native place.  Today we live in difficult times.  The steam-roller of progress is flattening out many of our old institutions, and there is a danger of a general decline in idiom and distinctive quality in our Scottish life.  The only way to counteract this peril is to preserve jealously all these elder things which are bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh.  For, remember, no man can face the future with courage and confidence unless it is solidly founded upon the past.  And conversely, no problem will be too hard, no situation too strange, if we can link it with what we know and love”  F Marian McNeill   (author of "The Silver Bough" servies)

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Celtic Art Mini Book 2: Knotwork Panels
Book Two of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Knotwork Panels Knotwork panels from ancient British and..
Celtic Art Mini Book 3: Spirals
Book Three of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Spirals. Spirals from ancient British and Pictish Celt..
Celtic Art Mini Book 4: Key Patterns
Book Four of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Key Patterns Key patterns from ancient British and Pict..
Celtic Art Mini Book 5: Lettering
Book Five of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Lettering Scripts, initials, lettering from the Celtic ..
Celtic Art Mini Book 6: Zoomorphics
Book Six of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Zoomorphics Animals, birds, reptiles from Pictish Celtic..
Celtic Art Mini Book 7: Man and Plant
Book Seven of Seven Celtic Art mini books: Man and Plant Humans, plants, animals in Pictish art a..
West Highland Tales: the Appin Murder
This first book  from the "Dewar Manuscripts" gives an account of the fear, suspicion and ..
West Highland Tales II: Charles Stuart of Ardshiel
This second book from the "Dewar Manuscripts"  recounts the story of Charles Stuart, a brillian..
The "autobiography" of King James IV, the most able monarch of the Stewart dynasty, during whose rei..
King's Memory
The auto-biography of A J Stewart and her fascinating voyage of discovery of the link between her in..
Fernie Brae
A vivid description of Glasgow life, as seen through the untroubled eyes of a child - the street gam..
Tramping in Skye
This is an ideal introduction to the "Misty Isle" of Skye and a happy souvenir for those who have al..
Lamp in the Night Wind
An account of the coming of St Columba to Scotland in 563 AD.  Based upon careful research..