Fantopian Perspective E-book (kindle version)

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Fantopian Perspective E-book (kindle version)
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James Gibb Stuart
Author: James Gibb Stuart
ISBN: 978-0947621-19-3
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This entertaining and thought-provoking story set in the allegorical land of “Fantopia” dismantles the myth about money creation and exposes the banking system as having shackled the World’s peoples with crippling unrepayable debt.   As a result, we are burdened by a National Debt which grows astronomically year on year (in 2013 the UK Debt now stands at 2,206 billion pounds and its annual interest alone will devour 47 billion pounds).

These are mind-boggling figures indeed, and ones which might well leave us feeling powerless to do anything about it.   However, our Fantopian story goes on to illustrate how we can not only stop this escalation but reverse it.    Real change could be effected, and the problem of the National Debt thus eradicated, by governments issuing debt-free money on the proven strength of their respective economies, rather than continuing to allow the banks to create unredeemable credit on their own decree and lending it to them at interest.  The power of the People’s credit should be used to ensure that whatever is socially and physically possible is also financially possible.  As Rothschild famously wrote:

"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".





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