The Beast in the Temple

The Beast in the Temple
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James Gibb Stuart
Author: James Gibb Stuart
ISBN: 0-85335-254-9
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This gives us a shocking insight into the subversion of the churches and their influence for political ends; the use of religious institutions in a continuous non-military war, the results of which pervade all aspects of life today.

In this timely reminder of our debt to a Christian heritage James Gibb Stuart writes about evolution, ecumenicalism, sex, pornography, abortion, paedophilia, drugs, psychedelic religion and violence against women, - plus the strange perversions of John Maynard Keynes, - and contrives withal to convince you of a disturbing co-relationship which could have a bearing on your future, and that of your children.

This book may have been written in the 80s, but its content is still highly relevant, if not increasingly so, today.

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