Farewell Leicester Square

Farewell Leicester Square
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Autobiography of a famous Cockney busker, Henry Hollis, born in the 1920s. Britain's most often arrested man finally became Busker by Appointment to the Queen! A bouncy tale of street-life in the east end of a byegone London.

A story of poverty and laughter that began with the sound of Bow Bells and eventually took Henry onto the biggest stage in the world - the streets.   Henry and his brother Albert formed the Road Stars and turned busking into a crime that people paid to watch.

He grew up in the East End of the '20s and '30s and by the age of eight he was "bottling" (collecting the money) for his father, Blind Bill - a busker known to everyone east of Soho.

No part of Henry's fantastic life is left uncovered - from the barrows of Petticoat Lane to the Dockland brasses; from the weekly bath in the local canal to war years in the Navy; from the birth of the Road Stars to the public outcry when they were threatened with imprisonment; and the final accolade: how Henry became Busker by Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Return wtih Henry Hollis to a London that has gone forever; watching a cockney sparrow fly once again .......

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